StratEDGY presents ArtsTech Speed Dating for Tech Week 2017


StratEDGY presents ArtsTech Speed Dating for Tech Week 2017

Sometimes a possible future is so compelling that you can’t just leave it to chance! That’s how we felt at StratEDGY when, having explored the future of orchestras with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, we realised that there is a huge opportunity for New Zealand, sitting there for the taking.  There is currently a global lag in the application of science and technology to traditional branches of the performing arts, in particularly ballet, orchestra, opera and kapa haka.

What if the New Zealand performing arts sector was infused with science and technology in the same way that our agriculture sector, our film industry or even our high performing sports sector already are? What if we stepped up to lead the world in ‘ArtsTech’?

The application of science and technology to opera, ballet, orchestra and kapa haka could transform each art form, create accessible and visible applications of our world-leading science and technology, reach new audiences and generate new revenue streams for New Zealand as well as reducing injury, extending performing careers and generating efficiencies. What if the whole world was looking to see what New Zealand would do next in the performing arts?  What if we were selling our ArtsTech back to the world?

StratEDGY is organising an ArtsTech Speed Dating event in New Zealand Tech Week 2017 to create an opportunity for New Zealand’s artistic, science and tech sectors to come together to kick-start exploration of the potential for New Zealand ArtsTech.

For more information, check the ArtsTech Speed Dating event page on the Tech Week site, or contact
Stephanie Pride