Opening Keynotes
Our opening keynotes set a broader context for your event. They paint a rich picture of how the world is changing and what that might mean for us.

Conference Workshops
We provide a range of conference workshops that help people to engage with facets of the future, or learn to apply a futuring technique, or both at the same time.

Panel member
As part of a panel, we bring in a longer-term perspective on any questions your audience may ask.

Closing Keynotes and After Dinner Talks
Our closing keynotes and after dinner talks present futures content in a more light-hearted vein, rounding off your day with something that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Games and micro contributions
We can provide a host of micro-contributions (games and quick activities) to keep the future front of mind during your event.

Building the future into the fabric of your conference
We can work with you as you are planning your event, to help you reflect the future in how your conference is shaped, as well as the content it includes.

The Future of Work

This keynote presentation provides an insight into the future of work. Every aspect of work is currently being disrupted. The business models that have worked for decades (or longer) are being turned on their heads. How and where work happens is already in transition; we are moving beyond the office, beyond jobs and employers as we know them today, beyond professional development, beyond retirement. Are you ready to manage your business in a future where work is radically different?

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How To Think About the Future

This is a lighthearted talk with serious content. It introduces some of the basic dos and don'ts of futures thinking. It gives people tips and tricks they can take away to apply in their work straight way.

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Will a robot take your job?

Will a robot take your job? That's the question to which everyone wants to know the answer. This talk helps you start to work out the answer to the question for yourself. It provides a robust overview of how work is changing, but does so in an entertaining and engaging style. This interactive keynote can provide the perfect opening or closing to your day, or provide some food for thought at your conference dinner.

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Integrating the future into your conference

We can work with you as you are planning your event, to help you reflect the future in how your conference is shaped, as well as the content it includes. Having a futurist as the opening speaker for your conference is powerful for broadening your attendees' perspectives, but all too often, everything after the opening speaker reverts to today's concerns and ways of seeing. We can help you to make your conference an integrated futures experience.

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Servicing the Future

Servicing the Future is a keynote presentation delivering hard-hitting messages about changing customer expectations over the next decade. By 2030 the operating environment for firms, government agencies and citizens will be completely different, and what customers will expect or tolerate from others and what they expect and want to do for themselves will be completely different too.

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Life 3.0

Life 3.0 is a stirring keynote presentation that lays bare the bones of the transition human society is currently undergoing. Using concrete examples of the future already here today, the presentation builds up a tangible sense of a very different way of living, working and organising ourselves that will exist just ten years from now.

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