Rich Stakeholder Analysis

Many traditional approaches to stakeholder analysis ask us only to view stakeholders through the lens of our organization and its objectives.  These approaches are rapidly becoming ineffective as stakeholder expectations shift.  In the 21st century, we need a deeper understanding of stakeholder’s views, motivations and dreams to create the trust and commitment that leads to shared outcomes.  The Rich Stakeholder Analysis methodology provides a tool for participants to build this deeper understanding and design meaningful stakeholder engagements.

What does Rich Stakeholder Analysis for Meaningful Engagement cover?
This one day workshop introduces participants to the Rich Stakeholder Analysis methodology and provides hands-on experience of applying it to a real-world situation to build a stakeholder engagement plan.

What will I get out of this workshop?
This one day workshop, will provide:

  • an understanding of traditional stakeholder analysis approaches and their strengths and weaknesses
  • an understanding of Rich Stakeholder Analysis and the methods on which it is based (including Causal Layered Analysis and Integral approaches)
  • practice in applying Rich Stakeholder Analysis to a real world situation
  • practice in designing a stakeholder engagement plan using Rich Stakeholder Analysis
  • Who should attend this workshop?

    This workshop is ideal for anyone who:

  • wants to build trust with stakeholder organisations
  • wants to improve co-operation and understanding with other organisations and individuals
  • is looking to achieve joint outcomes with other organisations and individuals
  • wants to build long-term relationships beyond organisational boundaries
  • wants to create greater coherence in a sector
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