Helping you know what sort of futures support you need

In other areas of business support, HR, Finance, IT, there is both in-house expertise and a mature provider market. You know what you need and you know the solutions you are looking for. In Foresight there is often neither. We can help you to work out what you need - and what you don't. From working with clients over the last ten years, we have developed a process to help you think through what outcomes you want from your futures exploration. By talking to us at the outset, you can identify the futures approaches best suited to your goals, and most likely to give you a return on your investment.

Very few organisations in New Zealand have the resource to have an in-house professional futurist, so when looking to commission futures work, organisations don't necessarily know all the options available to them.

There is a vast array of futures tools and approaches and we can help you to work out what combination of tools, processes and futures capability development will work for you.

Most commonly, people equate futures with developing a set of scenarios, so that's what they want to commission. Scenarios can be a very powerful tool, but executing them well is very resource intensive, and unless their end uses have been thought through, organisations don't always get full value from the investment in the scenario process. We can help you work out whether scenarios or other approaches are best to meet your aims (and if scenarios are what you need, we can support you with that - and work out which of the 25 different methodologies for developing scenarios is going to be most effective for you).

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