Building futures acumen in your organisation or sector

To think about the future well, we need to become much more aware of how we think and how we see the world. It's imperative to understand our own assumptions - those we know we make, and the assumptions we make unconsciously. We need to understand the assumptions that are embedded in our organsiations and our society, in how things get done and what we regard as normal.

We need to attune ourselves to notice change, and in thinking about the impacts of that change, to expand the range of possible futures we are able to imagine.

The more aware we are of the many types and directions of change around us, the more equipped we are to spot shifts early and make good decisions for today and for shaping the future.

StratEDGY has a range of ways of building and spreading understanding about probable and possible futures throughout your organisation.

StratEDGY has deveopled a set of futures literacy competencies and can work with you to build these competencies in your people.

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